Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's been a crazy week and it's only Thursday.  Tuesday was demo day at Ben's and this week was all about the new Claudine Hellmuth layer stamps.  These are two-part stamps: the first step is using a foam stamp that creates a solid figure: next step is using a clear outline stamp around the solid image.  They are slightly offset, giving a unique look.  Both the foam and the clear stamps can be used together or separately.  And they can be used with ink or paint...lots of opportunity to create some very unique images.

 This is a little canvas that is covered with old pattern tissue.  I used  the foam stamp with some acrylic paint, added buttons and ribbon along with a few words.  Fast, easy and fun!

Little birds stamped with paint then ink for the outline over some colored paper and on a small canvas tag.  The hardest part of doing these is waiting for the paint to dry (I used a heat gun...I'm just too impatient)

And just for fun...I'm posting a picture of my granddaughter, Lilu's, diorama on Mozart.  It was a family project, that we all were involved in...Mom, Dad, Sister, Papa, Mamu (that's me!) and Lilu.

Doesn't this just look like Mozart should be sitting at this piano and playing something wonderful?

The snow just started to fall and we're expecting a giant storm and probably some power outages so if I don't post, you'll know why.  Last storm knocked out the power for a few days.  Let's hope this one is kinder! 

For now...stay warm!

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  1. Nice canvas. I like the stamps...two part. Nice.
    Your Lilu's diorama is wonderful. I LOVE it.
    Hope you power stay on throughout the storm.