Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cosmo Cricket and Tim

I love Cosmo Cricket!  Not only do they have really cool paper and embellishments but the folks at this company are just plain nice.  At CHA 2011 they debuted 3 new lines:  Social Club, Salt Air and Upcycle.

First up: Social Club 

 I saw this display and couldn't resist.  Reminds me of my high school years...maybe a few years before high school.

 What can I kind of entertaining.
 Need I say more about Social Club?

Second: Salt Air

So colorful.

 Makes me want to go to the beach.

And now: Upcycle

 Th precious book was filled with great paper and photos.

This wreath was a work of art!

 Love these cards!

 And this one...

And these...

Last but not least...a few pctures from the Tim Holtz Ideaology booth.

Love this typwriter

Wonderful typsetter box!


Makes me want to sew again.

Me, Tim and my hubby....I think he's still recovering from CHA (hubby, that is).


  1. I am in LOVE with that upcycled wreath!
    I need to get more stuff so I can create one of those cuties!

  2. oh my... look at those boas...... poor john. You owe him a nice day of wine tasting....