Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Artistic Friends

The highlight of my trip was to meet Christy Tomlinson, a very special Mixed Media Artist.  She is the reason I dove into the Mixed Media world.  Her SheArt pieces spoke to me and I've been splashing color on canvas ever since.

And, she has a new line out with Pink Paislee...papers, rubons..all of it fabulous!  Check it out.

And, to top it off, I smoozed with these other artists...Hope some of their talent rubbed off on me!!

Image Detail

Ruth Rae
Fabric Mixed Media, Jeweler, Author- sweet and kind

Image Detail
 Jenn Mason, Mixed Media Artist, Editor of Cloth Paper Scissors, Author -
 talented in too many ways to count

 Heidi Grace Kress
Owner of Clever Handmade,  Designer---a fun lady and wonderful Mom

Traci Bautista
Mixed Media Artist, Author - friendly and engaging

 Joanne Fink, Designer,  Calligrapher, Art Licensing Guru -  Beautiful Lady

  It was a privilege to meet and speak with each of them.

Friday, February 3, 2012


For those that don't know, the Craft and Hobby Association has two trade shows each year.  Vendors from the craft industry showcase their products, put on workshops, introduce artists and shopkeepers from all over come and buy goods for their stores.  It's a fun, exciting, high energy event and one I was fortunate to attend.

Waiting for the show to open on Day 1.

Flash Mob Ladies

My friend Lindsay waiting for the show to open...Isn't she cute?

The Graphic 45 booth is loaded with fabulous projects.   Everywhere you look...another ahhhh moment!

 Which is my favorite?

Diane Schultz, Designer and CEO of G45 and me.  I want a hat like that.

 Canvas Corps..really great products and ideas!
 I want to make this!
Simple and cute.

to be continued....

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Last week I was in SoCal for a CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) trade show.  BUT...before all that started I spent time with my older sister.  We went to the beach, ate, talked, visited the Getty Museum, ate, talked, shopped a bit for me, ate and talked.  (is there a pattern here?)

While at the beach we saw this man drawing an incredible maze in the sand.

 Another visitor to the wharf.

Love this critter!

My sis..isn't she beautiful?

The next day we visited the Getty Museum in LA.  This was my first visit but certainly not my last.  The buildings were incredible, terraces had wonderful views all around, and the art...well, let me say I was so enthralled with looking at it that I didn't take many  pictures...just enjoyed.

Beautiful. from CHA...stay tuned!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Into the Year!

I can't believe that we're already 14 days into the new year.  I'm still finding stray Christmas decorations around the house.  It happens every year...I go around the house making sure I've  got everything then BAM...all of a sudden there's a cute little Santa looking at me...right out in the open.  Do these things hide during the day then come out when we're sleeping?  That's my theory...and I'm sticking with it!

When I'm not finding Christmas decorations, I've been sewing.  I've really missed this.  I love the feel of the fabrics, the colors, the threads all over the floor!  I haven't been doing anything too elaborate...more aprons and few surprise projects that I can't reveal until our Spring Art Retreat.  But I am having a great time!

My granddaughter went shopping with me and decided she needed a new apron so she could craft with me.  We came home with the cutest fabric then added a few pieces from my stash and came up with this cute little apron.

As simple as it is, it was a real pain to make.  Ruffles are not my friend.  Her comment when she tried it on..."Mamu, I think we have a problem!"  I looked over at her and the bib was almost at her waist.  Once I shortened the neck strap we were ready to craft.  Now her sister wants one.  Back to the store!

Or maybe I'll convince her to shop my stash!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Crafty Girls Club

Lindsay with a hand painted ornament, Cory with her ceramic ornaments and me with a mixed media canvas.
You know all those craft fairs that go on in the fall?  And how we always say we should be in one, selling our little works of art.  The only thing that gets in our way is time...we start too late.  

Well, here come my friend Lindsay Ostrom to the rescue.  She is starting the  Crafty Girls Club.  The idea is to motivate us to get an early start so we can be the one's selling instead of buying someone else's stuff.  .  When you join you commit to make  1 large project a month, 5 medium projects a month or 10 small projects a month. Then put them into a brown grocery bag and staple the bag shut until the fall. You will then have enough goodies to take to a craft fair or at least give as gifts.  There is no cost to join.  Just a commitment to create all year.  
Go to and get all the details.

No ideas...check out's full of great ideas.  Be's a time sucker, so much to see!  You'll get caught up in the creativity and lose track of time.  Set a timer so you still have time to make those lovely little items!

Good idea?...I think so.  I did 2 craft fairs last season.  They were small ones but I made enough to make me happy!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New year, my friends!  May this year be filled with hope, good health and laughter! I think there are times when a fresh start is needed.  2012 is going to be a FRESH START for me.

My lonely unused sewing machine
Some of you may know that I used to sew...a lot!  I loved to make baby quilts with hand appliques.  Hand applique was my favorite part of making those little labors of love.  As my fabric stash grew and grew, I was sewing less and less.  The  arthritis in my hands was making it hard to hold that little needle and sew those tiny stitches. One day, after painfully trying to hand stitch a little wall hanging, I threw my hands in the air and decided I wasn't going to sew any more.  It was just too frustrating.  I gave/sold a lot of fabric but kept more than I planned.  Maybe there was something in the back of my mind that said I would use it...someday.

Fast forward to a few days ago.  I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself.  Just because I can't hand stitch doesn't mean I can't run that lonely sewing machine again.  So I decided to make a quick apron..easy pattern, no hand sewing, nothing fancy or complicated, about an hour of time...maybe I could do this.  Guess what...that apron was a piece of cake!  It went together so fast and easy that I decided to make another one, then another and another.  Yes, four...count 'em, four aprons in three days.  And I took down the tree, did laundry and visited my mom...all within that time.  Ready for the best part?  My hands didn't hurt! 

My sewing machine is now happily humming along, I have a few new aprons for work and one for my daughter-in-law and I'm ready to try a few more things.  Of course this could be a dangerous thing...I may need to start adding to my fabric stash again...just saying!

This is my favorite. 

This is for Mondays when I need a coffee jolt!

A reversible apron...for when one side gets really dirty!
And this is what awaits my FRESH START!

You know that old saying...when one door closed, another one opens.   I found that open door.