Saturday, January 14, 2012

Into the Year!

I can't believe that we're already 14 days into the new year.  I'm still finding stray Christmas decorations around the house.  It happens every year...I go around the house making sure I've  got everything then BAM...all of a sudden there's a cute little Santa looking at me...right out in the open.  Do these things hide during the day then come out when we're sleeping?  That's my theory...and I'm sticking with it!

When I'm not finding Christmas decorations, I've been sewing.  I've really missed this.  I love the feel of the fabrics, the colors, the threads all over the floor!  I haven't been doing anything too elaborate...more aprons and few surprise projects that I can't reveal until our Spring Art Retreat.  But I am having a great time!

My granddaughter went shopping with me and decided she needed a new apron so she could craft with me.  We came home with the cutest fabric then added a few pieces from my stash and came up with this cute little apron.

As simple as it is, it was a real pain to make.  Ruffles are not my friend.  Her comment when she tried it on..."Mamu, I think we have a problem!"  I looked over at her and the bib was almost at her waist.  Once I shortened the neck strap we were ready to craft.  Now her sister wants one.  Back to the store!

Or maybe I'll convince her to shop my stash!


  1. Love your aprons!!! Maybe you should be selling these? Aprons make me happy!Can hardly wait to see you in April.

  2. Sewing aprons like mad! It's my new favorite thing and, Yes, I plan on selling them later this year. Maybe not the little kid was a pain and I didn't do a great job. But when you're 5, I guess it doesn't matter! Yea for MARS!!!

  3. Nice. Love the aprons. You stash of fabric is amazing.