Saturday, February 19, 2011

Power's Back!!

So what does a blogger/crafter do when the power is out for a few days?!  Not much!  We've had a couple of storms come through and drop quite a bit of snow at our house.  Then trees starting coming down on power lines and it took a while to get everything back in order.  The phone land line is still out but who needs a phone anyway.  And our alarm system started beeping in the middle of the night...very annoying!

I tried finishing some projects in the dark and cold...nope, that didn't work.  I needed my glue gun (gotta get one of those battery operated ones!) or my heat gun or better light.  No, I got it, a generator!!!  OK, I'm saving up! 

Now that the power is back on, the first priority is showers for everyone!  Then we can do dishes, laundry, vacuum, and on to more exciting stuff...finishing those projects.  So stay tuned tomorrow (as long as we still have power) and I'll post the results of today's work.

Stay warm wherever you are!

1 comment:

  1. The snow is so pretty in your yard!
    Glad the power is back on and you can get all that fun stuff done so you can get back to crafting.