Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 1...Set up

We arrived at the LA Convention Center this morning at the crack of noon.  Car parked and unpacked we started the hardest job of the day...hauling everything into the center.  We got to Lindsay's booth to find we we're missing two of three walls.  But not to worry...Joe, the CES guys, to our rescue and we had our missing walls in a shake.

We created 3 accent panels, then Lindsay sorted,  punched and tied ribbons and directed our activities, Alli and Kurtis began hanging art and I manned the iron.  It took us a while but the booth started coming together by late afternoon,  After a quick trip to Wolfgang Pucks for nourishment we finished up the walls (almost) and decided to call it a day.  Another couple of hours tomorrow and we'll have a complete booth with Lindsays fabulous designs!  Then we're off to a few workshops and maybe a bit of refreshment.

No pics from me today.  I took them but the camera's in the car and I'm too pooped to make the trip to the garage to get it.  But look tomorrow for a peek at the booth and maybe a bit more!  My guess is that Linday will have some pics on her blog tonite so check it out.

So it's off to bed for me after my cheesecake dinner for some sweet wait, that's the cheescake...anyway, check back tomorrow for the next chapter in our adventure.


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